Sunday, February 18, 2018

George Zimmerman

Samantha Scheibe is a victim not a criminal

George Zimmerman George Zimmerman, the man who was acquitted with the murder of Trayvon Martin has found himself in hot water several times after the death of Martin. While he was found innocent by a court of his peers, his actions after the traumatic case have been destructive and violent. Several months ago he broke news for threatening his ex-wife and and ex father-in-law with a firearm and then after those...

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman setup by his beloved

George Zimmerman George Zimmerman has in fact accumulated a lot of attention for his case is so interesting. The local bodies as well as average citizens of America want to know what decision the judges will make. They want to know if justice will be served. All in all, George Zimmermans case has lingered on for quite some time now and people are to some extend tired and demand a solution to this all racket. They...

Mental Health

Crazy college kids and their mental health

I am curious how inventive composing instructors at colleges and universities manage college students who compose about actually disturbing factors and who look potentially unsafe to by themselves and other people? Are instructors privy to student's mental overall health information? Do they let this kind of students get absent with violent or disturbing creating in an hard work NOT to stir...

George Zimmerman

Samantha Scheibe is a crazed sexy manipulative beast

George Zimmerman After the events that have happened in Apopka George Zimmerman has been in the public focus yet again. However, nobody seems to want to look at his side of the story this time. It seems that after it was announced that he has been accused of something one more time this time he must be guilty without even looking at the evidence. One of which is the phone call that his girlfriend has made to...

The Knockout Game

Black people have a new pastime known as the knockout game

The Knockout Game What the hell is going on with these young black kids? They have a new game called the Knockout Game. They run around knocking out unsuspecting innocent white people. For no reason at all they just punch them one time to render them unconscious. Thats crazy! Why do these black people keep bring themselves down to the dirt. Everytime I see a black Im going to run in the other direction. Is this...

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman killed Trayvon now his girlfriend and wife are next

George Zimmerman How to kill a black man and get away with it is what this whole story is all about. Forget what the law says and forget human rights, if a white man has a gun and he sees a black man doing anything he thinks is suspicious then he can shoot to kill. Is this the message the courts are sending out after George Zimmerman was acquitted of the second-degree murder charge of the teenager Trayvon...

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman is being setup by his girlfriend

George Zimmerman George Zimmerman! You are being set up. You just cant catch a break. I totally understand that you were dealt a bad hand over the whole black kid case. He, Travis, Travoy, or Taytay had it coming. Walking around like the wannabe gansta those people love to glamorize and idolize. How does anyone expect you to get a job now? You have one of the most recognizable faces in all the world. Life is...

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