Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sally Jewell

Sally Jewell Wild Horse Killer

Sally Jewell This women Sally Jewell @SecretaryJewell, is a horse killer, and enjoys to break the law for the almighty dollar. Yes she sold 41 our precious wild horses to a Canadian slaughterhouse, and guess whose money she used to round these horses up? Yes you are correct, she used our money, the 'good old' US tax payers money. I wonder what she REALLY got out of this deal. In case you are wondering...

Arato and Blaszczyk Obstetrics and Gynecology

Out for your money, caused birth defects to my child and deny it

These doctors gave me off label drugs that specifically stated not to be given to pregnant women when I was in preterm labor. There is a black box warning on this medication stating this, and it caused birth defects to my son. Initially they thought it may only cause a "heart attack to me, also killing my kid" which they did not inform me of, later on they found out that it causes brain...

American Idol

Ameber was dissed

I agree with the top 10 choices for American Idol in 2013. But I hope not to sound like a paranoid jerk, but I truly think that Amber, the black contestant that sung "I'm every woman", was discriminated against by the engineering staff of American Idol. I have a back ground in music, songwriting, production, and mixing myself. So I realize the importance of the engineering in terms of volume...

Jordan Linn Graham

Jordan Linn Graham deserves life in prison

Jordan Linn Graham I don't know if you have been following the case where a newlywed pushed her husband of Eight Days off a cliff to his death. Apparently the prosecutions claim is Jordan had second thoughts about her marriage to Cody Johnson and wanted to end it . Lets take a look at that statement made by the prosecution and assume for a minute that their claim is true. What does that say about the state of...

Casey Anthony

CAsey Anthony needs to Sue

Casey Anthony Casey Anthony should sue this magazine for including an image of her with theses woman. She was found not guilty she didn't cheat justice.


disgusted at the dog park raping

Tonight 12/30 just got the clip of the celebrity dog "raping" another dog. The voice over came on and said wait a minute maybe she was asking for it. She was wearing a low cut color.... really tmz? really? So inappropriate and a new low even for you.


upset at Gmail

First off I HATE it that they always have to change gmail. Just because the young punks that maintain this system get bored and have to keep changing everything DOESN'T mean that the masses out there want change. I have two gmail accounts and about 60% of the time I am unable to log out of one and sign into the other. When I go to sign out, sometimes I can click on "sign in with a different...

Barack Obama

Obama is just like me he likes selfies too

Barack Obama What the hell is everyone in an uproar about? Obama took a selfie at Mandela's ceremony. First of all Mandela is dead. Secondly, Mandela wants everyone to have a great time. Third and most important, Obama is a BOSS! He can do whatever he wants to do. If he wanted to run naked and have a threesome with some wild and freaky African Bush women, he has the right to do so. I thought Obama owned a...