Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gmail News


upset at Gmail

First off I HATE it that they always have to change gmail. Just because the young punks that maintain this system get bored and have to keep changing everything DOESN'T mean that the masses out there want change. I have two gmail accounts and about 60% of the time I am unable to log out of one and sign into the other. When I go to sign out, sometimes I can click on "sign in with a different...


old gmail still taking over

I switched to different school as I work in a coop different districts. Since I used my gmail on my phone it auto syncs to all my devices...I can not log in to my old account because it was closed by tech guy, but it keeps sending me log in errors and I can not access google play store...I tried using another gmail but defaults back to old gmail . I cant seem to get any one to help and the only...


Gimme My Chat Account Back!

Gmail You tricked me, Gmail. You offered the hangout option without telling me it was a permanent change to a basic feature of my gmail account. You didn't tell me my chat history would evaporate into thin air. I am really put out with you, Gmail! Now my chat list is gone and I can't chat with my friends. I'm not interested in hanging out -- I just want to chat!!!


email message replicates itself

Gmail I am a new user to google gmail and I have a complaint to file. Every time I either send a message or delete a message it replicates itself a dozen times. It is driving me NUTS! I have used Hotmail for years and never had a problem such as this. What is going on? I heard Gmail was terrific. It does not seem that I am able to fix this problem. I have googled "Gmail repeat message"...


Gmail slow to a crawl

Gmail I decided to try Gmail in 2004, I was excited about all the the hype. - Never delete a message - SUPER fast email searching - Great filters - Unlimited space - Safe and secure That time has no finally passed. Google's Gmail has gotten slower and slower by the day, and as of the last few months it has become unusably slow for me. Before you start asking, yes, i have tired it in all...