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Casey Anthony

What Really Happened to Caylee Anthony

Caylee Anthony
Aug 16, 2011 - We know there are many theories out there as to what may have caused Caylee Anthony's tragic demise. I'd like to hear them!

Please feel free to post your theories down below. Maybe something posted here could help enhance the search for the truth.

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Nov 6, 2012 1:00 pm Detail View
Jynnxter said: Everyone loves Caylee...even now...people who never even knew her!
However, my perspective on this case is askew from the popular ones.

'this case puts the cart before the horse...'

I believe the child DISAPPEARED 'because' she WAS ALREADY DECOMPOSING early-to-mid June before the video was made 'mid-June'. [NOT June 16th;considered mid-to-late June]

Nov 6, 2012 11:42 am Detail View
Jynnxter said: You know what 2 questions he asked
and I said mum.....

IS DIFFERENT than what was handwritten: George wrote: and I am num(b)....
Sep 8, 2012 3:59 pm Detail View
truth said: Reading through all the discovery I think Jose Baez' defense is very close to what actually happened.
Caylee drown in the swimming pool on June 16th -it was proven that the pool ladder was reported as being up that day and that Caylee, based on photo evidence, could get out of the home easily on her own- for speculative reasons George and Casey conspired to hide the drowning out of fear of prosecution for one of the following reasons:
A. there was some sort of negligence involved that caused both George and Casey to fear prosecution if they were to have reported it immediately.
B. What if there is more to the abuse allegations? what if the reason it wasnt spoken of was because it was consentual? George and Casey having sex while Caylee is wandering around
gets out of the house and drowns, how could you ever explain that to the police? you would almost have to hide it.
C. know this: Casey didnt go to a gynecologist for the first time until she was 19 -why? why hide a pregnancy? and why not ever ask who the father was? it could be George, Casey and even Cindy knew that there was a possibility George was the father. a screwed up family dynamic of this magnitude could be the reason to hide a lot of things.
Casey indicated George called her after he got to work at around 3PM on the 16th to say "I took care of it, dont tell your mother" Caseys phone records prove she received a call from George that day at that time.

Too many questions need to be answered to know for sure but you can see that George knows more than his selective memory indicates:

He refuses ownership of the duct tape even though it is seen at the publix command center he was running and the roll disappears shortly after.
He knows Caseys car is out of gas at the tow yard and was at the Amscot for 3 days when he picked it up- how?
He doesnt have any reaction to the numerous allegations of sexual abuse
He remembers what Casey and Caylee were wearing on the 16th of June but cant remember what he has said in most of his depositions

Feb 6, 6:11 pm
Blessings4CMA replied to truth : The name & the post, both wonderful!

I was just pointed to this site, and like that there are real thinkers here, not media led sheep, WHEW!

I was beginning to think I was the only sane one in my realm of the world...

There is definitely more then meets the eye, & I dont think Casey is the "perp" by any means.

Cant wait for the TRUTH to be exposed, so Caylee can rest, & Casey can have peace someday.
Jul 12, 2012 2:38 pm Detail View
Ghost said: A REALLY bad thing happend to her because of her mom
anonymous in idaho
Apr 18, 2012 3:38 am Detail View
anonymous in idaho said: gangstalking,recruits and targets,managers,event planner at universal orlando,amscot donates to adoption agencies,facebook,gangs in military,ncis report,death of witness at ymca,officer fired for knowing casey,remains came from bodyfarm are not calee,decomposition takes longer then few months,finders is known cia front,pricewaterhousecooper(cia front) audits gentiva (caseys moms work)promis software/ptech,no dna link made from remains as to be caylee,illegal surveillance,informant network,amscot,casey loves caylee,we will uncover the truth,we are legion,we do not forgive,we do not forget,the whole worlds watching,have a nice day.........................................................................................................................................................
Apr 19, 8:59 am
you should stay there replied to anonymous in idaho : Get a life and stop posting random crap, get a job, life, girlfriend or something.
Feb 6, 6:13 pm
Blessings4CMA replied to anonymous in idaho : I want more info on that BODY FARM!
I dont believe that body found was Caylee...
Thats just me with eyes wide open...
May 10, 5:06 am
anomymous in idaho replied to anonymous in idaho : you want more info or you need more info? that would be just you with eyes wide open...
Mar 12, 2012 3:24 am Detail View
User16992 said: Her brother lee killed her.
Oct 10, 2011 2:18 am Detail View
qze said: i think caylee committed suicide
Oct 1, 2011 10:15 pm Detail View
bgu said: What really happened to caylee,,is the question,,caylee died and some how ended up in plastic trash bags in a swmapy area near her home.What happened to her,,she couldnt defend herself because of her age and size,,she couldnt hit or try to stop whoever did this to her,,she didnt carry a gun,,she didnt know self defense,,she didnt have a snorkle while in the swamp to breath,,she couldnt have walked home if she made it out of the swamp,,she didnt have a cell phone to call anyone or call 911,,she died,,either at home with her mom or not,,her mom says the nanny had her,,last,,or she wanted to swim and got into the pool as the defense showed in many of the pics and drowned,,and george had her inhis arms,,saying that her mother would never forgive her,,,according to the defense,,
Sep 27, 2011 1:01 am Detail View
Uion said: Caylee was put or scraped or dropped in a laundry bag and then the black plastic trash bags 2 of them i guess. tied or duct taped closed possible,the bag was in one place some say,,but a human/arm fingers did the placement in the bag and the final placement of the bag,,a human/being walked into the swamp and placed the bag down and not drug there by a animal,,who did what to caylee before the bags were used,,who knows,,casey's story was a nanny took her and drove a sliver tarus,,that was from her mouth and the story of a accident was from boez mouth,,what is the real truth here,,no matter what happened to caylee,,the stories about her are from who,,
Sep 25, 2011 10:08 pm Detail View
Qjk said: The prosecution questions to george on the planning or not planning the cement project in the back yard,,there sure were a lot of direct questions to why they did it then,,how long they planned it why then and not before etc,,The prosecution was probably amazed at the testomonies that some said and they knew it,,They knew the questions they asked were in referance to events of the death,,and how they reacted to the questions is important too,,george still tries to be in control,,thats obvious,,as his ex position in life ,,They all had meaning,,they could have charged many with some crime and those would have been found guilty,,,When the evidence came in and testomonies began,,the result would have been a link or not,,not just a theroy,,Its who is out there that did it that is still open,,
Sep 26, 1:43 pm
CA replied to Qjk : Yup.
Nov 6, 11:54 am
Jynnxter replied to Qjk : He could have been squirreling money there; the large amounts taken from Cindy's accounts... *Casey spent a few hundred. Cindy's accounts were breached before her birthday, June 5, I heard, and 'A friend' gave him $4K and several smaller amounts after Jan09; like he expected they would ALL need $ as the story unfolded after Caylee was found.

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Casey Anthony

Casey Marie Anthony was born on March 19 in 1986. She was found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony; the stunning verdict was handed down on July 5, 2011 after 11 hours of deliberation. Casey Anthony was also acquitted of manslaughter and aggravated abuse of a child. She was however found guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

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