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Amanda Knox

No DNA left to retest

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May 7, 2011 - There are new details in the Amanda Knox murder case, new tests on key evidence could possibly overturn her conviction. Amanda has been in jail in Italy since 2009 for murdering her college roommate Meredith Kercher. Prosecutors were able to prove in court that Kercher was stabbed to death with a knife. They say that Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito were playing a twisted sex game that went wrong….yeah right!

They are retesting the DNA found on the murder weapon. However there is very little DNA left to retest. There were only two very small pieces of evidence that tied them to the crime as it was. Both pieces of evidence have virtually disappeared.

They virtually have no DNA to connect Amanda nor Raffaele with the murder weapon. Now here she is 2 years later sitting in an Italian jail and asking to have the DNA retested, but guess what? There is no DNA left to retest. There were ONLY two scant pieces of evidence that supposedly connected Amanda and Raffaele to the crime scene.

One was the knife found in Amanda's BF's house that connect Amanda to the victim b/c it had both Amanda and Meredith's DNA on it. There was hardly any DNA to test the first time, and there is NOTHING left to retest this time.

Then there is Meredith's bra clasp witch supposedly had Raffaele's DNA on it, The Italian police have apparently ruined that. It was in storage and it is now covered in rust. Pretty strange coincidence don't you think?

SO essentially the two pieces of evidence causing this young beautiful girl to spend the rest of her life in prison are GONE, evaporated, unable to be retested. Right from the beginning the Italian media painted Amanda as sex obsessed whore. But where did the media get their information? From the prosecutor who has a reputation as being unstable and just plain crazy. He himself just finished off a 16 month suspension for abusing his office. The International Journalist Society has sent several letters to the President of Italy because he has been violent with reporters in the past.

I truly hope the Italian police and prosecutors get there act together and release this young innocent girl from prison so she can go home and be with her family where she belongs.

Read more about the prosecutor here

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MRP Hamden CT
Apr 26, 2013 4:05 pm Detail View
MRP Hamden CT said: Amanda Knox and BF were clearly framed. The head investigator/prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini is a lunatic. He was able to sway the tabloids and most Italians against AK with half truths and outright ugly lies. There is no evidence linking AK od RS to the crime.
Nancy Grace's analysis is shockingly unprofessional and shallow considering she is an ex prosecutor.
Nov 10, 2011 10:04 am Detail View
User15095 said: Sprmcandy , learn the facts before publicly showing everyone that you are sick in the mind and need extensive couselling. Perhaps even a 28 day assesment would be the best. Locked up in a ward being assesed for 28 days. I asses people like you most days. Think before you speak( and reading the evidence would help)
Nov 10, 2011 10:00 am Detail View
Alexpmgr8 said: I did tell everyone that she was completely innocent years ago, being the only person who had bothered to actually read the evidence(police fools in italy please note) Now then there is Patrick. Well patrick, show us you are not a complete whinging fool, and take your DUMB idiot police to court, or just boycott a dump hole of a satanic toilet. Or don't any italians have any brains. Clearly not, Your prime minister for example.
Nick Name
Oct 1, 2011 11:55 pm Detail View
Nick Name said: Unless you were sitting in the courtroom you "virtually" know nothing about the evidence presented so stop whining about it!

There should be an IQ test required to own a keyboard so that morons can only use a mouse on the internet!
It would eliminate crap such as your blog entries!
Oct 26, 11:04 am
Bob replied to Nick Name : And now the court system of Italy has ruled there is no evidence and allowed them to go. Man enough there to admit you were wrong?
Sep 27, 2011 9:06 am Detail View
Sprmcandy said: Filthy Nasty Evil Skanktress.
Nov 10, 10:29 am
alexpmgr8 replied to Sprmcandy : learn italian silly billy. name calling is juvenile behavior.
Without proof or any reference has a a self inflicted consequence.
Colin Connaughton
Sep 27, 2011 7:40 am Detail View
Colin Connaughton said: I suggest that readers check out this recent good article:-

And, as I've done before and will probably do again, I recommend reading 'Injustice in Perugia' by Bruce Fisher and 'The Monster of Perugia' by Mark Waterbury.
Sep 8, 2011 8:10 am Detail View
GW said: Forget the knife and bra clasp. Amanda's bloody footprint was found mixed with Kercher's DNA in Filomena's room only after the use of luminol. Suggesting not only a cleanup, but that the break in was staged. This is detailed in the 427 page Massei report.
Jul 19, 2011 8:46 am Detail View
Sammie said: Amanda Knox is as guilty as sin. She has the face of a murderer.
Aug 30, 6:24 am
Harry's A Drag replied to Sammie : She has the face of a murderer?

Amazingly ridiculous, just like, "why does she smile in court?".

This crap would be hilarious if two innocent people were wasting away in prison in the prime of their lives.

Jun 29, 2011 8:55 pm Detail View
roughdoggo said: Quennell, on the Rag, was thrown off a Virgin Atlantic flight for being obnoxious:
Jun 29, 2011 9:38 am Detail View
Earthdog said: Amanda Knox is a killer. She is where she belongs - in prison.... or did she get out yet?

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Amanda Knox

Amanda Marie Knox was born on July 9 in 1987 in Seattle Washington. She was twenty years old when she was incarcerated for the murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia Italy.


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