Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Websites Complaints

Putai Electronic Limited

This company committed fraud with me

Putai Electronic Limited This company is fraud with me i lost my money please you can action this company and solve my problem solve us quickly return my money back this company. this company gave me fake memory cards all cards are not working only dimi toys Email : service@usbdrivecorp.comrnTel:86-755-33072338 Contact: JoJo


Ghetto Slur

Top50Whips Found this site with a ton of awesome cars on it, however the author has a pretty bad ghetto accent. I am sure he is from southern Georgia. Just read some of them is like: JO BRO GO RIDE and other odd stuff. Really not very educated!


Student Teacher Internet Law Takes Effect

Facebook August 28th marks a turn in school procedures as the student-teacher internet law takes effect in Kansas City, Missouri. This law prohibits teachers to befriend students on social networking sites outside of the classroom. Lawmakers think this will go a step further to prevent unwanted student-teacher relationships from blossoming, while many school officials say the new law "assumes" all...


Youtube Is A Good Thing

Youtube Mainstream media has evolved drastically since the internet has been graced with the presence of Youtube, a progressive video sharing network. Minor directors, film students, potential actors, and everyday people, have become instant sensations with the use of a webcam, practically no editing, and the capability of uploading their video. Some users would have referred to the website as the "key...


Slutty Wannabes On Facebook

Facebook It's not unusual to see teenage girls loading their Facebook pages with revealing pictures and blocking mommy and daddy from any access to their page. However, they forget the thousands of perverts out there who are waiting to see too much of the naive 13 year old down the street. Then they complain about the negative attention in their comments from those older guys and their equally as stupid...


Video Flagged on Youtube Casey Anthony

The following video was flagged by youtube because it has "inappropriate" material and a youtube member flagged the video and the video was disabled. Are you kidding me, the video is about Jose Baez and Casey Anthony arguing at the defense table. It is the video where everyone is trying to determine what Jose Baez says to Casey Anthony and many people surmise he is saying "You are acting like...


Slow down there partner you almost broke an axle

Digg I got this really annoying message on Digg today "Slow down there partner, you almost broke an axle!", It first began when I decided to find some of my Twitter friends on Digg, so I was going down the list of my Twitter friends and adding the ones I want on my Digg account as well, which is most of them. but than it continued to append as I was digging different articles. It was very...

Texas Hunting Forum

Forum Mods Hate Everyone

I am a member, but everything I post seems to get deleted by a moderator. This is suppose to be for the people, but if you say something that they don't agree with, they delete it. I think all of the Mods should go and make their own forum if they don't want to listen to others opinion. I also have it on good authority that Shorebird and Guy are butt buddies.


Facebook Murders MySpace

Facebook After all of those years that MySpace members promised that they were going to stay on there and love it forever, it still managed to die. The reason for Myspace's murder is Facebook which is even capable of hooking the most loyal fans of Myspace. It's more addictive than crack one might say or even the Jim Jones cult with their seductive Kool-Aid. How addicted are you to Facebook? Were you a...


Child Online Privacy Protection Act

Facebook Our world always revolved on what's the latest trends. Just like our technology that changes all the time. It has brought us the world of social media network that made our communication a lot faster and better. This was a huge advantage to everyone, but also brought huge disadvantages. Getting involve with this technology entails a huge responsibility on our part as users because this involves...