Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tv-movies Complaints

American Idol

Ameber was dissed

I agree with the top 10 choices for American Idol in 2013. But I hope not to sound like a paranoid jerk, but I truly think that Amber, the black contestant that sung "I'm every woman", was discriminated against by the engineering staff of American Idol. I have a back ground in music, songwriting, production, and mixing myself. So I realize the importance of the engineering in terms of volume...


Get MTV banned

MTV has done nothing more than make being a whore look good when it isn't! Get this thing off TV!

Dancing with the Stars DWTS

Len Vs Derek

Len has had a problem with Derek personally for over three years. He has continually badgered his choreography unilaterally. Not even the other judges agree with his assessments. He is so down on Derek, it impacts the scores severely for the competitors. The producers needs to get this stopped now.


glees farewell to finn episode

Glee is doing a Farewell To Fin Episode. Why? Why the hell are we celebrating the life of a freaking drug addict. I know its a character on the show but we are stiil glorifying a dead druggie. Let Cory Monteith stay dead. I never liked his real life persona anyway. Also the fact that he was banging that fine piece of candy Lea Michele is just sickening. He probably was trying to deal with his...


Scandal is TV at Its Best

Scandal Scandal is what you get when you combine real TV with brilliant writers. I love this show. I've been there since the beginning. It is at least having 4 more seasons. I want a threesome with Kerry Washington. I would make her want to marry my woman and me. I saw her on Letterman the other night and I couldn't get the thought of her sitting on my face out of my head while she drank the breast milk...

American Idol

Humiliation of Anastasia Freeman

American Idol I have watched American Idol since day 1 and have always enjoyed the show. This year has changed that for me. Niki is obnoxious and a prima donna extraordinaire!! (i.e. her continual rolling of her eyes and her dramatic temper tantrum-filled walk off, etc.) rnrnWhat was most disturbing was the way you humiliated Anastasia Freeman! She certainly didn't have any talent and didn't hear from God, but...

American Idol

Nicki Manaj Idol judge

American Idol Get that digusting woman off Idol! I can't stand her or the sound of her voice. Then the two women are trying to be the center of attention when it's supposed to be about the contestants. Can't watch it any more with Nicki on it. She is putrid. No one I've spoken to likes her either. They stopped watching it

Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace is a Monster

Nancy Grace If you are at all familiar with the antics of Nancy Grace, there's no denying the fact that she is evil. How can she live with herself when she judges people and proclaims them guilty before she's even heard the person's case? Just by pounding her mallet, she determines the fate of often innocent people without even listening to the facts. It's no wonder that people hate her, especially when she...


Jersey Shore Finally Cancelled

MTV It's about time that the Jersey Shore comes to an end. As of this week, the series came to a screeching halt with the announcement that the Jersey Shore will no longer be on the air. MTV should have known that the painful and brain numbing series would eventually send viewers running for the hills. It was about time to bring an end to America's misery of having to listen to Snooki whine over the...


Expendables 2 Is Full Of Old People

Movies The audience of the new movie, Expendables 2, is wide and varied, but one thing is clear: The target audience of the movie is a bunch of retired superhero movie fans with inadequate taste in superheroes. Though the movie may bring together a bunch of middle-aged and retired people with a penchant for Marvel Comics, it lacks one other thing: class. Yes, the long awaited movie has conjured...