Saturday, January 20, 2018

Restaurants Complaints


In N Out Burgers dirty little secret

In N Out Burgers Dirty Little Secret My husband was a dedicated employee of In N Out Burger for 8 years. He always received stellar reviews. In 2008 In N Out Burger changed one of the paints they were using because the city of Los Angeles banned the use of the one they were using. This is when they started using the product from Dupont. Unbeknownst to the painters they were all being exposed to...

Texas Roadhouse

Criminals at Texas Roadhouse

I have a problem with your company as a whole. They show on your web site and your facebook page that they support the troops. I do not see how this is when their Springfield Ohio store employs a manager/partner, David Willey. Mr. Willey was just found GUILTY of vehicular manslaughter and speeding (11/15/2012) that resulted in the death of an Iraq Vet! This manager was speeding (police guessed...


Starbucks Covers Electrical Outlets to END Laptop Users

Starbucks Have you ever gone into a Starbucks for a quick cup of Joe and tasty pastry treat but could not find a place to sit to enjoy your snack? Well Starbucks has recently started to block electrical outlets to discourage laptop users from taking seats. Starbucks spokesman Alan Hilowitz has made a statement saying that customers have been asking for the over priced coffee chain to put an end to...

Texas Roadhouse

Bad Customer Service Texas Roadhouse Douglasville GA

Texas Roadhouse My Experience at the Texas Roadhouse in Douglasville GA Our server walked us to a table that was still being cleaned..the bus boy left the seat wet..we asked several times for extra napkins to dry the seat. We than told the server that sticky stuff was on the floor..she said it was water..his reply made me feel like she thought I told a lie. The Manager on duty needs to have better customer...


Mc Donalds Taxes African Americans Seriously

We all know McDonalds; it's only the most infamous fast food chain in the entire world. With establishments all over the world, and more popping up everyday, the corporation is dominating the fast food industry. Needless to say, with so much popularity, the media is always on the tail of the mega-million dollar burger stop. So, when bad press arises around the chain, it quickly becomes huge news...

Texas Roadhouse

Clothing too Tight

Texas Roadhouse Have you ever ate at the Texas Roadhouse Grill in Everette MA or any of these restaurants? I went the other night for the first time and I hated it. First off the waitresses are walking around in skin tight jeans with there butt cracks hanging out. Most of them are somewhat overweight and look like they squeezed into there little sisters jeans. Also the service was awful and most the...


Subway Not So Fresh

Subway Subway is one of the largest franchises in the entire world and I've known MANY people who've worked there. With that said, there are some things that go on in a few Subways that would make you stop eating their food completely. Nothing that doesn't go on in any other restaurant, but I wouldn't expect it from a healthy, fast food place. My main focus for this is the motto Eat Fresh. Okay, what's...


Starbucks The Unfriendly Coffeehouse

Starbucks Starbucks is an international trademark for caffeine and related products. Unfortunately, I've never had the pleasure of enjoying a caramel frappucino within the Starbucks store because the cashiers and people working there have been unfriendly. At least in the parts of North Carolina that I've visited. I also know that a drink's taste is supposed to vary depending on who has made it but it...


McDonalds Wrong Order Every Time WTF

McDonalds Every time I go to this McDonald's they NEVER get the order right. I always order a GRILLED chicken Caesar salad. They always give me a fried chicken Caesar salad. Why would anyone order a fried chicken salad? If I were to eat that many calories I would make it a burger. Honestly who eats a salad with fried chicken on top of it. It is almost a dumb as those freaks that put bacon bits on there...