Sunday, February 18, 2018


old gmail still taking over

I switched to different school as I work in a coop different districts. Since I used my gmail on my phone it auto syncs to all my devices...I can not log in to my old account because it was closed by tech guy, but it keeps sending me log in errors and I can not access google play store...I tried using another gmail but defaults back to old gmail . I cant seem to get any one to help and the only...

Zac Efron

Zac efron your jaw was broken by drug dealers

Zac Efron There is no way Zac Efron slipped on a puddle of water and broke his jaw. This kid needs help and right away. He most likely was beat up by his drug dealer. This kid is an addict and needs to slow down before he ends up like Corey Monteith from Glee. We all knew he had problems and no one helped and now he is dead. Zac is a punk and always has been and takes the drugs to cope with life. Also I...

Jordan Linn Graham

Jordan Linn Graham Will You Marry Me

Jordan Linn Graham Jordan Linn Graham, 22, has been charged with murdering her husband. She allegedly blindfolded him and pushed him off a cliff. The two were only married 8 days before she killed him. Wow! You cant trust a woman. They cheat, steal, and murder if they have the chance. She is being charged with first and second degree murder and making false statements. This woman needs to go down. Cody Lee...

Martin MacNeill

Jill Harper Smith A Pillar of Support for the MacNeills

Martin MacNeill As the trial of Monster Dr. Martin MacNeill goes on there are certain characters that we should follow and understand. Jill Harper-Smith is definitely one of them. This lady struck me with her beauty. Hell, if she committed the murder herself and I were on the jury against her, the trial would end up in a mistrial, hung, or having her being found innocent. Shes a knockout and everyone knows, you...

Toddlers and Tiaras

Lynsie Herrod Toddlers n Tiaras

Okay, Everybody this is Lynsie Herrod! I am done with people who have problems with kids from "Toddlers n Tiaras" I hate how people are saying "Parents are using their children as dolls" Well no they're not! Okay? Some kids wanted to do pageants! Like I did! I chose to be on T.V. Mmkay? If I didn't want to do then I wouldn't! So I looked up "Lynsie Herrod Toddlers n Tiaras" N I see all the Web...

Dancing with the Stars DWTS

Len Vs Derek

Len has had a problem with Derek personally for over three years. He has continually badgered his choreography unilaterally. Not even the other judges agree with his assessments. He is so down on Derek, it impacts the scores severely for the competitors. The producers needs to get this stopped now.


Kim Kardashian Makes A Comeback the problem is she never left

KARDASHIAN I do not have much to say but WOW. Kim Kardashian, you are what dreams are made of. She is a smart woman. A smart business woman. A gorgeous woman. Kanye West is so lucky to have found a genuine lady. He is a genius and together they probably have a brilliant and beautiful baby. It is hard to find someone so real when your are at his point of mega-stardom. I wish that I could find a great...

Kendrick Johnson

Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson found dead In a wrestling mat

Kendrick Johnson The body of Kendrick Johnson, a 17-year old Georgia teen, was found inside a wrestling mat. Now the story is that the teen was playing in the gym after hours and his sneaker was thrown over the bleachers. Now, why was he with his shoe off? Then why did he have to climb up onto the bleachers and fall into the rolled up wrestling mat? I just cant seem to understand how his body got into the center...