Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Canadian Government

Canada wants to own the North Pole and kick Santa out

Canadian Government Canada is making a claim for the North Pole. Wtf?! I guess that freaking country want s to see if they can make claim to Santa Claus also. Or maybe they want to kick him out or charge him rent. Canada, what the hell are you thinking? Dont you have enough problems? The world is not looking at Toronto as a heaven of problems, but Canada as a whole. Rob Ford has messed up your image; the image of...

Andrew Gans

Andrew Gans kills 2 elderly people on thanksgiving

Andrew Gans Andrew Gans is 24 years old and should be put to death. He was speeding along the Ohio Turnpike and smashed into an elderly couple and killed them both. It was their time to go because they were old anyway but not like this. Why was this guy speeding? Why wasn't he stopped earlier? Many calls were placed to the State Police and 911, but the authorities failed to act upon the calls in time and...


Walmart will Ad match but not if you are joe cantrell

Walmart Wal-Mart is now banning white people. This is an outrage. I mean I understand the actions of some of the more little deserving and uneducated minorities, but why would they alienate their white trash customers. They are what America is all about and they support Wal-Mart whole-heartedly. Joe Cantrell went to the San Tan Valley, Arizona Wal-Mart to do a price match. This is something he always...

Toddlers and Tiaras

inappropriate dress on toddlers and tiaras

In toddlers and tiaras you can clearly see their vaginas not only when they are doing cartwheels but also when dancing and just getting ready for the actual show I have heard of people actually only watching the show just to get a look at their vaginal lines and masturbate to them so disgusted

Family Conflict

i want to kill myself but im too weak to do it

It is a test of faith to hang on and choose joy. Especially when the better days still seem far away. This August will be 10 years since I placed a restraining order against my husband. Learning that he was abusing and molesting our children seemed to be enough to have right on my side. After nearly 9 long years in court battling alone against a well-paid attorney on his side, I learned that was...

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman winning again

George Zimmermans case has been disquieting and murky from the get go. In February, 2012, he has shot a young African American high school student dead. The Trayvon Martin case shocked American people. Many believed that Zimmerman had racial motives to kill the seventeen years old boy. Others thought he was frightened by the hooded stranger walking by. In the end, George Zimmerman did not have to...


Get MTV banned

MTV has done nothing more than make being a whore look good when it isn't! Get this thing off TV!

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman was going to kill more black people that were playing the knockout game

George Zimmerman Was George Zimmerman gearing up for a Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut type shooting? Was he about to break down and kill a whole bunch of Black people? Was he just gonna go postal and take out anyone in his path? Was he targeting the young Blacks playing the Knockout Game? If so, then kudos to him on punishing those cowards. This past week Zimmerman was caught with a...