Saturday, January 20, 2018

Healthcare Complaints

Arato and Blaszczyk Obstetrics and Gynecology

Out for your money caused birth defects to my child and deny it

These doctors gave me off label drugs that specifically stated not to be given to pregnant women when I was in preterm labor. There is a black box warning on this medication stating this, and it caused birth defects to my son. Initially they thought it may only cause a "heart attack to me, also killing my kid" which they did not inform me of, later on they found out that it causes brain...

Professions in Health Care

Doctor Removes Penis During Routine Circumcision

Professions in Health Care A 64-year old truck driver, Phillip Seaton is suing his doctor for amputating his penis during a circumcision gone wrong procedure. Apparently the truck driver who is reportedly unable to read or write signed a pre-surgery consent form allowing his doctor to perform any unforeseen treatment necessary. His doctor, Dr. John Patterson found life-threatening cancer during the circumcision so he...


Vaccination is Synonymous with Responsible

Vaccinations It seems like every winter a newer and stronger flu virus rampages the United States. Every year more and more people are getting vaccinated to protect themselves, their families, and innocent community members from these too often fatal illnesses. With impeding conditions such as these becoming more prevalent, it astonishes me that so many parents are choosing not to get their children...


Chiropractors Giving Medical Advice

Vaccinations So my sister in law goes to a chiropractor and gets monthly emails from her chiropractor's office. Well, today she forwarded me an email that pretty much threw me into a massive fit. Below are snippets of the email that her chiropractor sent out. Your Choice Or Your Command? Are you certain your vaccinations are safe, beneficial and will cause no future bodily harm? It is time to take a...

Professions in Health Care

Signs and Symptoms of Dyslexia

Professions in Health Care Dyslexia (say: DIS-lek-see-uh) is a learning problem that affects children. Dyslexia makes it difficult to read and write. The problem is inside the brain, but that does not mean that person is stupid. Many smart and talented people struggling with dyslexia but there is hope For more information on Dyslexia please visit signs of dyslexia

Professions in Health Care

Chiropractic College Lies

Professions in Health Care A steady career is a difficult decision to make; one that many, especially those straight out of High School, just want to get over with. Very few people want to spend 4 years at a university to get a degree that they may or may not use. Specialty colleges, particularly chiropractic schools, offer a certification in less than a year. I'm here to tell you: this is one of the worst opportunities...

Professions in Health Care

Nursing For Money

Professions in Health Care In college, about 1 in every 4 people want to go into the nursing field and this is worrisome to me because some of them are in it for the money and don't care about the well-being of their potential patients. They'll go through the training and thorough educative process specifically to turn a few bucks but cringe in disgust when the subject of changing a bedpan comes into the conversation. I...