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Three Dangerous New Teen Trends

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Jun 1, 2011 - Car Surfing

A hazardous and illegal latest trend that has become trendy with some teens and twenty year olds: car surfing. Here is how it works: A kid climbs on top of the roof or trunk of a car and he acts like he is surfing, and a friend gets behind the wheel of the car and drives up to 40 miles per hour. Not only is the unconstrained surfer at risk but also the situation can get even more dangerous if the driver loses control of the vehicle or just follows the turns of the road. The result: A serious, potentially deadly accident.


Another dangerous but seemingly harmless new trend is called "Planking", planking involves laying face down in an unforeseen place and then taking and uploading a picture to their Facebook account for the entire world to see. In most cases planking is somewhat harmless except teens are always trying to push the limits. One teen was recently killed while planking on seven-story building's terrace and fell to his death. Other dangerous places to plank are on rooftops and escalators.

Vodka Eyeballing

College students are not just studying these days they are also taking part in a dangerous game called "Vodka Eyeballing". Vodka Eyeballing is when a party goer lays on their back and has a shot of Vodka poured directly into their eyeball which gives a quick buzz as the alcohol enters the bloodstream through the veins in the eyes. Doctors are concerned about long-term effects on the eyeball and problems with vision.

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