Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Warning For Men Vaginal Restoration

Sex Etc These days you can be fooled by a woman who is trying to pretend they are still "clean and pure" or in other words "holy" for only $29.95. If you are a man reading this right now you know what I mean. If you are not sure that you're really a man, then no problem, just go on reading anyways you might want to tell your "shemalefriends". Some people might not know about how technology has gotten...

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Discrimination Against Homosexuals

Sex Etc We all know that almost 25% of our population is homosexuals. Homosexuals are those people who preferred different sexual identity. They may be gay or lesbians. Are we aware that these people are experiencing emotional trauma because of the discrimination that they are receiving from other people? Yes, they may be different from other people but they also have rights like the other people have....

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What Sex Is

Sex Etc I was in the grocery store the other day and heard something really disturbing come from the mouths of 3 teenage girls. One was whispering to the others about how she let her boyfriend "put it in her butt." The others cackled and commented but the thing that was most striking was the fact that she added "it's okay because it's not real sex or anything." Excuse me? Since when was anal sex not sex....

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Sex Education For Schools

Sex Etc The bottom line: Sex Education isn't as extensive in schools as it needs to be, and adults who believe otherwise are the ones who think teaching only abstinence is realistic. Most school boards have maintained the same sex education program that they began 20+ years ago and although it has advanced slightly, kids are still being taught the basics; how babies are made, instead of std risks and...