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Corruption in the Philippines

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May 13, 2011 - The Philippines economy is worst. There are a lot of poor people who are starving because of the pricey consumer goods. Basic commodities prices are constantly increasing but wages for workers still remain. It is very unfair for all that all basic needs are continually increasing and the government here in the Philippines is not taking actions but to corrupt!

Corruption is still rampant making the economy down. For those officials who are corrupt, you are the worst person in the entire world for you are only thinking about your own good and comfort. Corrupt officials are considered to be the evil of every country. Stealing is crime and those people who steal should be placed behind the bars as a punishment but why is it that corrupt officials are still enjoying life out of the prison, if in fact stealing is a crime? Does that mean this crime has exception? That it only applies to common citizens of the Philippines. What the hell! If this is the case, then all rules shouldn't be imposed. I believe that officials are voted and chosen to rule a country not to take all the money of the country for own good and benefits.

It is very disappointing that all promises during campaigns are broken when they have been elected. They always tell that they will help the country fight poverty when they are actually making the country locked with poverty. The Philippines and poverty is like sisters now, when you hear Philippines what comes to every persons mind is poverty, and that is because lots of officials are corrupt.

Life is unfair once you live in the Philippines. You will have higher expenses than earnings. That's why there is no doubt that Philippines will still be one of the poorest countries around the world and probably the most corrupt country you'll ever find.

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Jul 24, 2014 3:33 pm Detail View
Fart said: I just pooped my pants!
Feb 13, 2012 7:41 pm Detail View
sal said: maraming taong magaling magnakaw sa pera ng taong bayan kaya tau ay naghihirap... e2 ba ang tuwid na daan... kaya pagtitignan natin bawat angulo ng ating buhay tau parin ay naghihirap dahil sa taas ng mga presyo ng bilihin.. mga politiko na magnanakaw isa ka na don tupas Jr... sabi ni Pang. Aquino n hindi na magnanakaw sa taong bayan kc noong pahanon ng kayang ina ay nagnakaw na .. kaya mula noong naging pangulo ang kanyang ina lahat ng bilihin una bigas tumaas pati galong gong maslalong tumaas... kaya ngaun wala ng galongong ... saluyot na lang para sa mahihirap itigil na ang impeachment harapin nio ang mga taong naghhirap at sana gumawa kau ng solusyon huwag ung puro daldal ka pnnoy
Social Changes
Jul 12, 2011 9:43 am Detail View
Social Changes said: User3214, I doubt very strongly that you would claim the USA to be just as bad if you were only living there and if you do live there than share your experience. Are you a citizen or dual citizen?

The Philippines is basically LAZY in their government offices and I have witnessed it first hand through my Ombudsman experience...their vocabulary sucked, their service sucked and their respect to the Constitution greatly sucked and now you see the lady in Manila, at the main office, who was demanded to leave which is only just an example on just how irresponsible they are.

One of the biggest replies I have always been hearing was "just follow the system" which only leads you towards asking more questions and leads you even further to find out that we have uneducated people working in our government offices or if they are educated they just don't give a damn. I can't believe how I see laziness being illustrated for us in the very offices we need the most help towards our problems we face.
Jun 24, 2011 11:06 am Detail View
Dissapointed said: I was very dissapointed to see corruption starting again with the customs officers in Terminal 2 Manila. It a terrible 'face of the Philippines' for foreign visitors - this had stopped, now its starting again, taking Philippines back to the bad old days. The ciustoms offices should bow their heads in SHAME, they aare letting down the ENTIRE NATION
Ninoy - wake up please and kick some backsides before it all slides back again!
May 17, 2011 5:50 am Detail View
V said: For 50 USD of goods shipped to the Philippines, I paid 48 USD in duties and taxes. China takes 5%. The Philippine government takes 100%. This is why all the other economies are racing past the PI in Asia. It is the PI government that is killing the country
May 13, 2011 3:43 pm Detail View
User3215 said: true
May 13, 2011 3:35 pm Detail View
User3214 said: I think the USA is just as bad, just not as much poverty!
Nov 14, 2:38 pm
User18191 replied to User3214 : I agree,without the government feeding lazy people or trying to claim disability but they actually working cash in hand,people go starving. I think criticizing other or your own country is no longer valid at this point, all around the world is having the same issues, but people only see one country or one thing. I am an Accountant who works internationally I see so many corruptions not just Philippines but all over the world.
Apr 20, 1:21 pm
User18624 replied to User3214 : You're so wrong.

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In the Philippines the median form of education is English, however Spanish and Arabic are other languages spoken. Manilla is the capital with the largest city being Quezon City.

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