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Jordan Linn Graham

Jordan Linn Graham deserves life in prison

Jan 1, 2014 - I don't know if you have been following the case where a newlywed pushed her husband of Eight Days off a cliff to his death. Apparently the prosecutions claim is Jordan had second thoughts about her marriage to Cody Johnson and wanted to end it . Lets take a look at that statement made by the prosecution and assume for a minute that their claim is true.

What does that say about the state of mind of people in this country? This case is not rare and this type of crime happens more than you would expect. Here she is considered to be quite a lil standoffish towards people maybe a lil shy and has been considered to be a great nanny for one of the witnesses that testified at the trial. She looks okay on paper, right? She gets married at a fairly young age 22 and her husband Cody only 25 yrs old and then 8 days into the marriage she snaps and pushes him off a cliff at Montana's Glacier National Park. How could anyone see this coming?

Maybe we should start having mandatory Psych exams every 2 yrs for young people starting from grade school at age 8 until they are an adult of 18 yrs old. Would that help us detect mental illness in our young people so we can isolate them and properly treat them? Maybe. I'm sure some young people would be detected as a potential problem but that's not what's wrong here or even the problem today that we face in this country. Technology with the internet and smart phones brings the world closer together and makes the world a little smaller. We are all connected with current affairs social issues media and anything else you can think of through our fancy phones and computers . We have become a society that needs instant gratification now, today an hour ago. There is no longer waiting or working hard for what we want. Whether its material things or relationships that we have or long to have we want it Now!

In the old days if someone wasn't happy in their relationship they tried to work it out. It usually was worth the time to try and make things right with their significant other. They took a vow til death do we part and years ago between two people those vows meant something. Today if a relationship isn't running smoothly your just a click away from finding their replacement. People today if they have a problem in their love life don't need to fix it that's too hard. I'll just go online click and here's my new potential mate.

I'm not saying this is what definately happened here only Jordan really knows the truth. At the end of the trial her lawyers entered into a plea deal to plead guilty to 2nd degree murder and are waiting the judges decision on their plea. I'm simply saying we live in a world where technology that's suppose to enhance our lives may actually be doing the opposite as it brings us close together and disconnects us from reality at the same time. I'm not saying that this is what happened here or blaming technology for the crime she committed but i would bet it played some role in her mental state on how she views relationships..

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Jordan Linn Graham

Jordan Linn Graham, 22, murdered her husband Cody Johnson on July 7, 2013. She can sing better than the average signed act.

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