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Slutty Wannabes On Facebook

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Aug 1, 2011 - It's not unusual to see teenage girls loading their Facebook pages with revealing pictures and blocking mommy and daddy from any access to their page. However, they forget the thousands of perverts out there who are waiting to see too much of the naive 13 year old down the street. Then they complain about the negative attention in their comments from those older guys and their equally as stupid young friends.

I lose faith in the future generation everyday and it's all thanks to Facebook. The days of respect and having morals are long-gone for the teenagers in the technology crowd. Recently, a 15 year old whom I've known all her life posted a picture of her in just a bra on her Facebook. I told her that her fuck-me face wasn't going to get her anything but the title of a slut and a few STDS.

It's amazing to me that so many laws are being partially broken in the field of child pornography everyday on Facebook; by the kids those laws were built to protect. After all, if a 12 year old shows some areola and a pedophile sees it, what harm will it do? Surely he wouldn't pretend to be someone else to lure the girl away while her parents are oblivious to her actions. That would just be too far out of the ballpark to think about.

Listen up, young aspiring whores. People are not going to respect you when you display your vagina on Facebook. Those over-used meat-flaps should stay well-hidden until you're of age to make a good decision and that age obviously isn't now. If something happens to you and you know the dangers, it's your own damn fault. Stupidity based on "innocence" is no reason to act like a half-naked jackass.

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Aug 1, 2011 10:13 am Detail View
Karen said: FB is not making these girls into sluts. FB doesn't have a gun pointed to their heads telling them to strip and act foolish. The girls would do it anyway without a social networking site. You're naive to think this kind of stuff is new.

Well, it's new in the sense that parents no longer parent anymore. Mom and Dad are at work all day. It's the nannies, the babysitters, and the day"cares" that parent nowadays.

And what about the teens who are reserved and modest? How come they aren't stripping on FB?

Tell me. What's the difference between the girls that are sluts and those that aren't on FB?
Aug 1, 2011 8:35 am Detail View
Mike said: My kids have FB accounts but I watch them closely I would kill my teen daughters if they posted pictures of themselves like the ones in this article.
Aug 1, 12:39 pm
Technokat replied to Mike : Why do your children have FB accounts? Do you actually see the need for your children to communicate with people without seeing them face-to-face? Despite privacy controls, you do realize that FB opens up a world of anonymous users to your kids, right?

FB was originally for college students to connect with one another. Then adults got into it to "track down long-lost schoolmates" and have affairs with strangers without having to pay When kids got involved, it became dangerous to the less-than-mature part of the population.

No matter how smart your kids are about their usage or how much you monitor it, not every kid is immune to the stupidity of their friends and the people they "friend" on FB. Get your kids off of FB, and teach them to interact with people face-to-face. Parents, you need to be smarter than you are. No child is a complete angel, and this is nothing new. But FB opens a world of instant consequences for otherwise innocent kids who are curious about relationships with friends and possible lovers.

Find other ways to occupy your kids other than this atrocity, and you'll be doing them a huge favor. Also, you won't be contributing to their impending "consumer" lifestyle. Why do you think FB is so accessible? It's not from the kindness of the company's heart--you, and now your children, are commodities. And people wonder why the middle class is suffering, the corporations are making record profits, and this country is going to hell...FB is contributing to the consumer narcissism of this country. Your kids need to learn how to speak to people face-to-face. They do not NEED to post pictures of themselves and make comments to their friends over and over and over and over...
Aug 1, 1:02 pm
Mike replied to Mike : I am in the military and I have moved our family hunderds of time, and my kids have friends all over the world they keep in touch with via Facebook, it is a great tool if used correctly and if you have raised your kids properly. My kids have friends on FB from kindergarten, all the way through high school (for my oldest). So face to face communication is not possible for most of their friends. So yes I like that my kids are able to have contacts all over the world and all their friends of FB are actual people that they and their mother and myself know or have known at some point in their life.
Aug 1, 4:28 pm
Technokat replied to Mike : Mike, have you considered using a chat client like Skype and also using email for your children's correspondence? That takes the possible public perverts out of the loop. Of course there are email hackers, but the chance of being hacked is far less than the chance of having the wrong people see personal FB content. I'm just looking out for your children.

I was raised properly, and I did a couple of things that I consider pretty stupid when I was a teenager. (I wonder if you ever did, too?) However, I was lucky to get out of those situations unscathed. I credit my upbringing for knocking some sense into me before these things got out of hand without my parents having to get involved, but I still did those things in the first place.

Not every child on FB is going to have the opportunity to walk away from things they do impulsively with remorse and without the permanency of the web permeating their lives. EVERY action online can be traced back to the person who did it regardless of so-called privacy settings. I'm not saying that your daughters will do anything I've done (however harmless), but if they want privacy in their lives, they should get off FB now. FB has shown that it defaults on privacy settings time and time again. I don't trust it and would never allow my kids to be on it no matter how convenient it is for keeping in touch with people.

Like I said, Skype, iChat, and other video chat clients are great ways to keep in touch with friends. If friends are close enough, they'll take the time to email and call. If they are just acquaintances, then FB is a way to keep up with them, but much time do we have for acquaintances? A true friend will make time for you--one of the great lessons for kids to learn.

Speaking of things on the Internet being permanent, I'm sure you were kidding when you said you would "kill" your teen!
Aug 1, 2011 8:34 am Detail View
User11348 said: so true, so disturbing! Some parents are so clueless to what their kids are doing on FB, I actually know a parent who lists all her information including home address and also tells the world that her and her 12 year old daughter live alone b/c of a recent divorce. This type of info is a predators dream come true, a desperate woman living alone with a 12 year old daughter.

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