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Casey Anthony

George Anthony's Letter to Casey

Letter to Casey Anthony
Aug 22, 2011 - In the spring of 2010 nearly 14 months before the Casey Anthony's trial began, George Anthony wrote the following letter to his daughter, Casey. With respect to all that has happened since the trial began, this letter is especially thought provoking.

March 25, 2010

Casey Marie,

Where do I begin???

Well, met with Jose and Cheny Mason on
Wednesday, March 24th.

Jose in Chaney's office delivered me
disturbing news & ask me 2 heartbreaking
You know what 2 questions he asked
and I said mum.....
Why, Why also destroy Lee...
Why, Why also destroy Mom...
Why, Why also destroy me, your family...
Why, Why also destroy Caylee Marie...

After all I have tried, sacrificed, continued
to have you, My Daughter, Why???
Continually coming to court, continually
wanting to see you, Why???

Many have speculated what were the two questions that were asked? Although we may not know the exact wording, we can assume Jose Beaz asked George Anthony if he molested Casey when she was a child.

Pat McKenna the private investigator hired by Jose Baez was witness when these 'questions' were asked and he said that George Anthony looked out the window for '23' seconds and when he looked back he did not say a thing. Read the following transcript from Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell before this letter was even released to the public.

VELEZ-MITCHELL"You said that you saw or heard something about George being confronted prior to the trial and his reaction. Tell me that. Tell me."
MCKENNA"Yes, I had heard that he was confronted with specific information, quite specific information and that he did not shout out or deny it or anything. He looked out the window for, I heard, 23 seconds. Looked back and didn`t say anything. To me, that`s significant.

George is an interesting character. This isn`t over for George, I don`t think. He`s been a master double-crosser throughout the case. He double-crossed his daughter. He double-crossed his wife, he double-crossed his mistress. He`s double-crossed law enforcement.

He double-crossed the court. He`s a former officer of the court and he committed perjury in court. He tried to double cross the jury and I think they saw through it. I don`t think this is over for George."

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User Comments (14)

Jul 19, 2012 7:36 am Detail View
HOPE4CAYLEE said: I take that back ^^^^^ since I read the hand written one on the upper left hand side.I think it says love.That's a o after the l or what people are saying is a h.
Jul 19, 2012 7:31 am Detail View
HOPCAYLEEE said: The word I think was suppose to be help......After all I have tried, sacrificed, continued
to have you, My Daughter, Why??? (help) Wouldn't that sound better?
Oct 24, 2011 11:11 pm Detail View
rdw said: i wouldnt think a error of,,"Have" inplace of "Love" is a error,,sounds like the perv george was saying now that the kid died as a ---accident --then now this will or possiobly change the habits of george,,cant get anymore direct than what george wrote,,as with the werido singing at caylees bday party,,like,,the girl is gonna be woman,,and the perv george was making her his new toy,,,they all sound sick,,,
Oct 10, 2011 12:21 pm Detail View
truthPH said: no one can judge niether george nor casey.they're the only one who knows the truth.and the only thing that boderd me is...why didnt casey tell people what her father did to her back then?! why didnt she tell her mother or to anyone when it first occured?! fishy.
Oct 11, 10:20 pm
CA replied to truthPH : She kinda tried by telling about Lee..
Sep 6, 2011 4:12 pm Detail View
Wondering said: Is that a h or a capital L (for the word love)? Just curious.
Looked at the h's and it does look very much like a h, but it also looks like it could be a capital L.
Sep 6, 5:31 pm
CA replied to Wondering : I'm pretty sure the "H" is actually an "L". In the case of "continued to "have" you, my daughter", I'm about 99% sure it's actually "LOVE you, my daughter"..
Aug 24, 2011 8:06 pm Detail View
jack said: casey a is a compulsive liar, and nothing comes out of her mouth a human with common sense could be believed! i watched trial,saw her reactions, goerge i believe was shocked by the defense strategy.80 % of there caylee foundation goes to them, and more if they want.they now make a livibg off of good people givibg money to the fund thinking that i t will go to a good cause...not ther e pockets! the scamthonies as a whole make me sick, all lied under oath. and should be in jail.
Aug 22, 2011 11:32 pm Detail View
User12865 said: After all I have tried, sacrificed, continued
to have you, My Daughter, Why???

What does he mean by 'continued to have you', that just seems gross. Sound like he is mad at himself for continuing to 'have' his daughter.

just disgusting!
Aug 22, 2011 8:27 pm Detail View
CA said: I agree w/what the alleged reaction might imply, but I do have to correct that in the handwritten letter the words were, "I am num" and "continued to LOVE you, my daughter".

His reaction could have been just sheer disbelief of the questions asked of him. Could have been a big kick in the teeth for his daughter to even imply he was capable of such foul acts... Or it could have been his realization that he'd been exposed for what he'd done and was speechless and unsure of how to react. Maybe he'd stopped the molestation yrs ago knowing he was sick and hoped it would be forgotten and left in the past but he was now facing his worst fears of the truth coming out? Hard to know.
Aug 22, 11:30 pm
mel replied to CA : Thanks CA, are you certain that it is says num b/c I was under the impression that it is unclear if he wrote num or mum? like mums the word. Just wondering if you are certain.
Aug 23, 1:11 pm
CA replied to CA : Mel- I first thought this too but I went and checked the copy of the handwritten original. Either way, the letter requires reading between the lines. It's just a matter of what is truly between them.

The L in the love does look like an H but her is a link.¤t=GeorgeupsetaboutquestionsMarch252010.jpg&sort=ascending
Aug 28, 7:29 pm
cass replied to CA : Thats what I was wonderning also CA.

You know what 2 questions he asked
and I said mum.....
I said numb? They did say he never answered the question. Said he stared out the window and then said nothing. I don't understand why he didn't say , how could you said something like that about me my god!!? Of all the lies you have told this is it!!! He never denied it to her. He just ask why destroy us. Never one time in his letter did he say, you went to far, or you know thats not the truth. I would have had plenty to say in a case like that. But he NEVER denied it in his letter. Not once.
Aug 30, 4:58 am
CA replied to CA : Cass- in the letter he wrote "I am num". It doesn't necessarily change what he was putting between the lines, though. If you go to the link I posted w/the copy of it in his handwriting, look at the other "N's" and "M's" in there and you'll see that it matches the other "N's". It's still suspect, to me, regardless.

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Casey Anthony

Casey Marie Anthony was born on March 19 in 1986. She was found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony; the stunning verdict was handed down on July 5, 2011 after 11 hours of deliberation. Casey Anthony was also acquitted of manslaughter and aggravated abuse of a child. She was however found guilty of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

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