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Barack Obama

Obama is just like me he likes selfies too

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Dec 11, 2013 - What the hell is everyone in an uproar about? Obama took a selfie at Mandela's ceremony. First of all Mandela is dead. Secondly, Mandela wants everyone to have a great time. Third and most important, Obama is a BOSS! He can do whatever he wants to do. If he wanted to run naked and have a threesome with some wild and freaky African Bush women, he has the right to do so.

I thought Obama owned a Blackberry phone. Looks to me like the phone was a iphone. So I guess it was someone else's phone that he took the picture with. Grow up people and get with the times. It's not like we all don't take selfies and even when we take pictures most of the pics are inappropriate. Why don't we worry about more important and more pressing things like the fake sign language guy that signed the whole ceremony and no one had the balls to slap him the f*ck off the stage and give him the beatdown that Mandela got back when the white man threw Mandela's ass in jail.

If anything Michelle should be the only one who should be angry. Barry was over next to the white woman and probably telling her how he wanted to give it to her Mandingo style. That's the type of snow bunny that Obama used to pipe down way back in his college days. I know he misses that sweet submissive bring-that-check-home-to-the-black-man-and-make-your-daddy-angry deep warm apple pie hole. So what he took a selfie? At least it wasn't a naked Snap Chat. Look at all the crazy selfies that Anthony Wiener took.

He is the President of the United States. He can have all of you stupid people killed in a heartbeat. This nation has got to get with the times and grow up.

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Barack Obama

Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961 and is the 44th President of the United States. He is also the first African American to hold this prestigious office. Prior to holding this office he was an Illinois Senator from the year of 2005 until his presidential victory in 2008.


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