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Out for your money, caused birth defects to my child and deny it

Apr 4, 2014 - These doctors gave me off label drugs that specifically stated not to be given to pregnant women when I was in preterm labor. There is a black box warning on this medication stating this, and it caused birth defects to my son.

Initially they thought it may only cause a "heart attack to me, also killing my kid" which they did not inform me of, later on they found out that it causes brain deficiencies when used long term, they had me on it for nearly 3 months, and were aware that my son was suffering from these disabilities, they never once told me for years that it had anything to do with the medication, but why would they, never told me it could kill me and my baby either.

They state I signed the papers, of course I did, because they left out the tidbits about it not intended for use for pregnant women and causing high risk of heart attack to pregnant women, why wouldn't I sign it not knowing this information, But for them to withhold the information regarding my sons disability has really pushed me over the edge, they did it to protect themselves. They were my docs for like 23 years, that shows how much they care about you knowing you for that long, What I know about Dr arato, he loves his Porsches, and is never going to risk losing one.

What they don't even realize is what I wanted and expected from them was the truth, and I wouldn't have sued them, I would have sued the pharm company. My son will never be able to live alone, has no friends, almost never leaves his room, and interacts with no one but my husband and I. It's so sad that Arato delivered him, kissed me in the or, and couldn't care less about the adult that the little child he delivered has become. Trapped in his own brain, room, with unusual and sometimes scary thoughts, he's unhirable, so I am applying for SSI, and the doc could also help with that stating that this is caused by a brain dysfunction because of the meds administered during pregnancy,

The thing is they offered me no other options and when I asked the possible side effects of the meds I was told by Blas... that if I didn't take it I'd have a preterm baby, now I know I could have been given steroids to help his lungs develop and be on the meds a very short time and have had no brain damage. So do I hate them, I hope they go to hell, Now they actually do liposuction on the women they just delivered babies to, they sicken me. Way to make us feel horrible about a few extra pounds after childbirth. They are the devil in my eyes, and since they have no interest in helping me with my son I want everyone to know my story so they don't go through what I did and have these drs lie right to your face.

After 23 years you think you can trust your doctor, let me tell you ladies, they lie like a rug, and Blas... has had a malpractice or something against him, they are supposedly high risk pregnancy docs, not doing a great job. I hate liars, Go to church, your higher power, whatever it is you believe in and tell it to them, then do the right thing you evil SOB's. They are so full of themselves that they don't care about those they treat, even the ones that have been around since they started. I think that maybe they have a little brain damage. You can be very intelligent and still be mentally ill or have certain forms of brain damage, and if not what excuse do they have for what they did and have no feelings about it????

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