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Back to Adrian Petersons 2 year old son is murdered by exs boyfriend

Oct 12, 2013 12:38 pm Detail View
Eugenia said: My sympathy goes with the family of this innocent young boy who's been denied to live, what was this woman thinking? exposing her child to this psycho.Well as you said at least the child is in better place, people don't learn don't they? how many time we here stories like this, really upsetting.
Oct 15, 1:28 am
Big Willie replied to Eugenia : Sympathy???!! This cheeseball Peterson didnt even know the kid. He is just another negro with money and a penis that flaunts his money everywhere and lays his log down in any hole he can find. He wasnt a father to that kid. He was a sperm donor.

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Adrian Peterson

Adrian Lewis Peterson born on March 21, 1985 is nicknamed "AP", "All Day", "A. D." or "Purple Jesus". He is a running back for the Minnesota Vikings of the NFL.

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