Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Celebrities Complaints


disgusted at the dog park raping

Tonight 12/30 just got the clip of the celebrity dog "raping" another dog. The voice over came on and said wait a minute maybe she was asking for it. She was wearing a low cut color.... really tmz? really? So inappropriate and a new low even for you.

Zac Efron

Zac efron your jaw was broken by drug dealers

Zac Efron There is no way Zac Efron slipped on a puddle of water and broke his jaw. This kid needs help and right away. He most likely was beat up by his drug dealer. This kid is an addict and needs to slow down before he ends up like Corey Monteith from Glee. We all knew he had problems and no one helped and now he is dead. Zac is a punk and always has been and takes the drugs to cope with life. Also I...


Kim Kardashian Makes A Comeback the problem is she never left

KARDASHIAN I do not have much to say but WOW. Kim Kardashian, you are what dreams are made of. She is a smart woman. A smart business woman. A gorgeous woman. Kanye West is so lucky to have found a genuine lady. He is a genius and together they probably have a brilliant and beautiful baby. It is hard to find someone so real when your are at his point of mega-stardom. I wish that I could find a great...

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Petersons 2 year old son is murdered by exs boyfriend

Adrian Peterson I write this with a heavy heart. I am a parent and I just heard of Vikings running back Adrian Petersons loss of his 2-year-old baby boy. I am a parent and I cant imagine how he feels. Im not with the mother of my child but we have an agreement that she keeps all men away from my child. I would hate to have to spend the rest of my life in prison for ending the life of some freakng idiot who...


Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian are having sex with other people

Kardashian Well Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian have separated. Normally I would want to comfort a cougar like Kris but she disgusts me and I would only think of Bruce and his hideous mug. How could she have had sex with him? Obviously he was the clear winner there on that front. Kris Kardashian Jenner all I can say is wow. You never cease to amaze me. So beautiful. So smart. Yet so ignorant. You were...

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban says he is smarter than martha stewart

Mark Cuban Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is in hot water. So says the SEC, whom are suing him. He apparently sold some $7,900,000USD worth of stock before the company he invested in went belly up. Thats a no-no. Who the freak cares? Including Mark Cuban. His loss would have been $750,000USD if he had just waited and ate the loss. Now he has to go to court and possibly do jail time. If we all...

Sean Puffy Daddy Combs

Puff daddy even pimps his family

Sean Puffy Daddy Combs Sean P Diddy Combs just cant stop. He said he told you that he just wont stop. This clown is a riot. I love how he profited and profits from all those talented artists and then dropped all of them after they served their purpose. This man is a genius. I bet most people dont even know that there are groups that he signs just to keep them from succeeding. He doesnt want the competition to do better...

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez back at it again

Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez is back in the news again. The ex-New York Yankee had filed two lawsuits; one against MLB and commissioner Bud Zelig, and the other against the New York Yankee team Dr. Chris Ahmad and New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. He was suspended for 211 games, isnt that enough? This guy knows he is guilty of doing performance-enhancing drugs. Just drop it now and...

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera engaged to a garbage rapper

Naya Rivera I have a love hate relationship with Naya Rivera. I love her cause she is Naya Rivera. I hate her cause Big Sean got to her before I did. Naya is so beautiful and talented. The producers of Glee should build and entire series around her. Arent Latinas in right now? Wait Latinas always have been, are now, and always will be in season. Even when they are older they are in style. They know how to...

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Still owes irs but out of jail

Lauryn Hill Why do we idolize these celebrities? Lauryn Hill has been a disappointment from the start. She may have been a great rapper, and a decent actress, but she was no producer. She won Grammies that dont really belong to her. She couldnt live with the stress of her lies and slowly went crazy and faded into an almost oblivion. She even moved from the USA all the way to a small island in the Caribbean;...